Information for current students

  1. Assessment
  2. Grading system
  3. Obligatory Study Abroad


1. Assessment

1.1. Assessment types, procedures and methods

For the assessment of the compulsory courses, students will have to pass a written or oral exam. In the final evaluation, the students’ active participation in the course will be taken into consideration. Information about the weighting between active participation and final exam will be provided to students in the course syllabus at the beginning of the semester.

In order to earn ECTS credits for participating in the summer school, students will be required to produce a research/seminar paper of between 4,500 and 6,000 words for assessment.

The students’ achievement in the restricted and free electives is assessed by a variety of methods including examination of written and oral work according to the respective regulations of the partner institutions. The criteria for students have to be laid down in the syllabus distributed at the beginning of a course.

The regulations of the home university will apply to the assessment of the master’s thesis and defence. 

1.2. Grading system 

Every university will use its own grading system. A conversion table is provided here.


2. Obligatory Study Abroad

After having spent the first two semesters at their home university, students are obliged to spend at least one of the two remaining semesters at a partner institution. Students choose the partner university according to their topic of interest for their specialization and their thesis. Places are allocated by the General Programme Board according to available resources. Students can also apply to spend more than one semester abroad.

It is assumed that the general and specific university academic entrance requirements are satisfied upon nomination by the home institution.