Guidelines for foreign students


Dear Foreign Student,

Welcome to the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade (FPS)!

FPS puts all its resources at your disposal, for you to find, research and learn everything you wanted before coming to Belgrade and Serbia. We hope that staying with us shall open new horizons for you and enable new contacts both with Belgrade colleagues and with other foreign full-time and mobility students.


Useful links before coming:

For legal regulations for foreigners in Serbia, please visit:


Please check whether you need an entry visa for Serbia:


Please check also the following pages:

Types of visas:

Regulation of temporary stay:


For information on health insurance, please check:


Looking forward to seeing you in Belgrade. Please find more information on our city on:

For some additional useful information, please visit:


Approximate monthly living costs in Belgrade are EUR 500.- (housing, food and personal expenses).


About the Faculty of Political Sciences


Where is the Faculty of Political Sciences?

Faculty of Political Sciences is located in Jove Ilica Street No. 165 in Belgrade municipality of Vozdovac.

If you are coming by public transportation, the easiest way to reach the Faculty is by trams No. 9, 10, 14 or busses No. 33, 47 and 48. All trams, as well as the buss 33, stop in the Vojvode Stepe Street, which is parallel to the Jove Ilica Street, while busses 47 and 48 stop in the Bulevar Oslobodjenja Street.

If you are coming by car, it is important to know that Jove Ilica is one-way street, in downward direction (from the Restaurant Kovac down the hill).

Once you arrive to the Faculty, the person you should look for is Gordana Ristic, phone No. +381 11 3092 911, e-mail:, who will help you in technical matters related to your stay.


Regulation of your stay in Belgrade

In order for your stay in Belgrade to be statutory regulated, there is a couple of institutions which you must register with.


Registration of stay – step 1

Address: The closest police station (depending on the municipality in which you will live in Belgrade)

Documents required for obtaining “white card”:

  • Passport
  • ID card of the owner of the apartment in which you will live in Belgrade
  • Presence of the owner of the apartment
  • Presence of the student (not necessary, the owner of the apartment can go to the police alone with his/her guest’s passport)


2. For students accommodated in a student dorm, hostel, hotel

  • You will receive your “white card” from the employee of the dorm/hostel/hotel who is in charge of this matter.


Registration of stay – step 2

Address: Department for Foreigners, Savska Str. No. 35, ground floor, on the left

Documents required:

  • Passport
  • Request form for approval of temporary residence – 3 copies (to be printed two-side)
  • 2 photos
  • Letter of Confirmation for the police issued by the Faculty of Political Sciences
  • CV in the Serbian language
  • Proof for payment of the following taxes


Tax for temporary residence (of up to one year)

Primalac (Recipient): RAT

Sifra placanja (Payment code): 153

Iznos (Amount): 11,000.00 RSD

Racun primaoca (Recipient’s account): 840-742221843-57

Broj modela (Mode number): 97

Poziv na broj (odobrenje) (Reference number): 53-015


Application tax

Primalac (Recipient): RAT

Sifra placanja (Payment code): 153

Iznos (Amount): 200.00 RSD

Racun primaoca (Recipient’s account): 840-742221843-57

Broj modela (Mode number): 97

Poziv na broj (odobrenje) (Reference number): 53-015


Issuing of the temporary stay sticker

Primalac (Recipient): MUP R Srbije

Sifra placanja (Payment code): 189

Iznos (Amount): 280.00 RSD

Racun primaoca (Recipient’s account): 840-47849-44


Use of public transportation

Address: Gradsko saobracajno preduzece (GSP), Skender Begova Street No. 47, ground floor



The list of student dorms is available at:

However, please note having in mind the dorm price for foreigners, for longer stay in might be cheaper and more convenient to rent or share an apartment.


Recognition of foreign higher education documents

Pursuant to the Serbian Law on Higher Education, holders of foreign degrees have to pass through recognition procedure, either for continuing their education or for getting employment. The set of information on this procedure is available at: