Student impressions

„I have enjoyed the opportunity to study South-Eastern Europe from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. Not only has my knowledge of the region greatly improved, but also my awareness of different theoretical approaches to social sciences.“ Luke, UK

„A high quality masters program which allows me to immerse myself in the studies both academically, personally and professionally, by living and studying in Belgrade, a heart of SSE, at a prestigious University . This program challenges me to be the best I can, and gives me an opportunity to travel and expand my knowledge and experiences.“ Nikola, USA/Serbia

„With the mixture of foreign and domestic teachers, students are offered both ’inside’ and ’outside’ perspective on the area of the studies. The International academic environment, including both students and the staff, in which you will be studying, although very diversified, represents a group of people all connected by their interests in the South East Europe. Therefore, the atmosphere is always very dynamic, but also bonding since we all cooperate as a group of people committed to the same research.“ Ivona, Croatia/Serbia

„Being part of this programme is great opportunity to get to know the Balkans, make amazing friends and colleagues and be taught by top professors in the field." Mateja, Serbia